David Harp's


Hi. I'm David Harp.
I've taught more than a million people to blow their blues away, and hundreds of thousands more to meditate, by book and in person.

For many years I've been offering presentations in which I use the harmonica to teach stress reduction, interpersonal communication, creativity, meditation, mindfulness, and aerobic conditioning.
I've come to believe that the humble "Mississippi Saxophone" (AKA Blues Harmonica) is the perfect tool to help beginning or advanced students of meditation and mindfulness.

And a wonderful tool as well to help begin or deepen both a raja yoga and a hatha yoga practice.Breath focus is essential to all the skills and practices I've just mentioned, whether at home, in the yoga studio, or in the workplace, because it short-circuits most types of stress reactions.

The best, most effective, most entertaining way to teach a group of any size to focus on their breathing...is to teach them, mindfully, to play the harmonica.

I've developed a method for doing this that provides results — the ability to play simple but satisfying blues, rock, or classical harmonica — within minutes.

Simultaneously, the group is learning a superbly effective way to deal more mindfully with fear, anger, pain, and desire — in any place, at any time.

See how some of my students
comment on these benefits.

My next scheduled HarmonicaYoga™ workshop is at The Kripalu Center, in Lenox, MA, runs from July 14- 19, 2013.
It's called Harmonica-Based Mindfulness™ — Reduce Stress, and Play Blues, Rock, and Folk Instantly!
Please click on the link above to read about it. Or call this toll-free number 1-866-200-5203 to register.

Thank you for your interest. — dh