Harmonica Kirtan!™
I've been playing what I consider "harmonica meditation music" or "devotional harmonica music" for myself, for many years.
And most of my HarmonicaYoga™ workshops include informal Harmonica Kirtan playing.

Harmonica Kirtan™ is my own form of participatory devotional music.
It's based on a combination of HarMantras™ from HarmonicaYoga™ and spiritual songs from various traditions, ranging from Guru Nanak Dev's Oh God Beautiful to Pachelbel's Canon and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement...

In person, these are not just me playing, but rather a fully participatory and interactive form of devotional "chanting" on the harmonica, as most Kirtan music is (although most Kirtan music is not, I must admit, played on the harmonica).

Harmonica Kirtan™ During Shavasana Circle!

I don't have any group recordings, but here's a short piece of me playing in one of my many Harmonica Kirtan styles...
You could be doing this too (or maybe a slightly simpler version) within a few minutes!

©D.Harp Harmonica_Kirtan1.mp3
©David Harp Kirtan_1

To find out when and where my next Harmonica Kirtan will be, please visit
www.harmonicakirtan.com for details.

And if YOU have any ideas where I might be able to attract a group of people — whether harmonica lovers, mindfulness aficionados, or any combination thereof...please email me! It's interactive, intelligent, spiritual comedy, at its most unique!