HarmonicaYoga™ Styles

Styles? Well, there are styles of music, and styles of yoga.
I'll discuss both, briefly.

Musical Styles

As far as musical styles go, I personally prefer to play blues and rock harmonica music, those two great American genres. I almost always include them in my events, with at least some folk music and a bit of country and western and classical thrown in. However, whenever possible, I try to let my students have some control over what we learn to play, harmonica-wise. In virtually all my events (unless I'm asked in advance by the attendees or the presenter do teach a specific style), I include, as time allows:

• Some Chicago Style Blues
• Some Delta/Boogie Woogie Style Blues
• At Least One Folk Song
Amazing Grace is a favorite, although Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is easier, I like to do both, also Oh When the Saints Go Marchin' In
• At Least One Classical Piece
Beethoven's Ninth (the Ode to Joy part) is what I often start with, then (if the group likes classical) Pachelbel's Canon
• Some "Rap Style Talking Blues" (think Bad to the Bone, I'm a Man, Bridgin' the Gap, etc.) including if time permits, songwriting to fit!

Styles of Yoga
Although there are hundreds of different styles of yoga (often created by a specific teacher or tradition), the three main general types of yoga are Raja Yoga (the yoga of working with the mind), Hatha Yoga (the yoga of asanas and body position routines), and Jnana Yoga (the "path of wisdom" or intellectual understanding and experience of non-duality or advaita). Of course, in any good program (at least in my humble opinion), all three should be included, as well as some exhortation to practice Karma Yoga (the path of service to others). I don't do much with Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion) although I respect all sincere devotees of any worthy path.

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