My workshops and presentations take a variety of forms, and range in length from a few hours to many days.
Some are even shorter — I've done corporate presentations using harmonica for mindfulness in the workplace and team-building that take under an hour.

But all of my events have AT LEAST three goals.

The first goal is to have the group demonstrate for itself that it is possible, if not always easy, to learn to control that mysterious and sometimes mutinous entity known as the human mind.

The second goal is to offer simple a simple strategy for working on the first goal, a strategy that can be learned almost instantly, and that the group will practice and apply to real-world issues during the event.

The third goal is to form a bond amongst the participants, and then use those bonds to practice the mindfulness strategies that the group is learning, in interpersonal settings, in duos and trios and small and large groups.

Actually, there is a fourth goal as well — to have every participant learn to play some blues, rock, folk, country, or classical music on their lovely little harmonica...right away!

To see a short video clip of my students playing, click
here (and see a HarMantra™, as well).