I've written more than two dozen books on the subjects of music, health, and meditation.
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My very favorite book, written with Dr. Nina Smiley, my twin sister, is...
The Three Minute Meditator.

Now in its fifth completely revised edition, and available in a variety of languages.

For additional info on
The Three Minute Meditator,
and our take on applied cognitive science, please click

I've also written two more books on mindfulness, and co-authored one more with Nina:
Mindfulness to Go: How to Meditate While You're On the Move,
Neural Path Therapy: How to Change Your Brain's Response to Anger, Fear, Pain, and Desire,
MetaPhysical Fitness: The Complete Thirty Day Plan for Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

Plus dozens of books and recordings on harmonica, music theory, and health...