A Few Comments and Quotes from Students

From my last Kripalu Five Day Workshop, in answer to the Evaluation Question:
"What part of this program was most valuable to you:"

"It was all wonderful."

"David Harp! Duets with microphones! Improvisation! Meditation with Harmonica!"

"Its integration of mind and body, and the joy in the teaching and learning."

"The breathing exercises were excellent, mindful, enlightening. The course was both entertaining and educational. I was able to learn bending techniques which I came to do, but along the way became mindful through breathing technique."

"It was fun for all five days. We advanced remarkably well. I think it was a life-changing program for me. I had one of the most fun weeks of my life."


"Interaction and instruction by the master teacher."

"Breathing, playing music, controlling thought, laughing."

"The experience of the presenter."

"All of it. Enjoyed every part of the workshop."

From my last Kripalu Five Day Workshop, in answer to the Evaluation Question:
"What areas of improvement would you identify for the program presenter or program content?"

"It should be longer."

"No suggestions."

"Dave is a master teacher — I don't use that term lightly — and I can't think of meaningful ways to improve the program."

"More Time!!"

"The program covered all aspects of harmonica instruction, life, people skills, I think due to the time we had I could not think of a better use of time, we had a complete blast and received more than our moneys worth."

"Longer program — Didn't want it to end. Highly entertaining way to learn."

"It was perfectly satisfying."

"None. No need for improvement."

"Since the workshop two weeks ago, I've been playing my harmonica for at least half an hour a day, mostly during my commute. Yesterday I was late, and found myself actually running from one place to another. To my surprise (I used to run, but have not in many years), I was not out of breath. I think that's due to my harmonica playing!"

A Few Non-Student Quotes, Many More at www.davidharp.com
“At last! The road from ‘in over your head’ to inner peace just got shorter...Three Minutes to Total Relaxation... ”
— Prevention Magazine

“David was great — a big help during a difficult time. And our managers now have a little in-joke. When things get stressful, we take a deep breath, and say: ‘Better go find our harmonicas!’ It really works!”
— Nancy Nicolosi, Manager, Cleveland Marriott Hotel

"If I had had this book [referring to The Three Minute Meditator] 25 years ago it would have saved me a lot of trips of all kinds.
— Richard Alpert, Baba Ram Dass